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Odontology or dentistry is a branch of medicine dealing with the anatomy and development and diseases of the teeth, gums and the oral cavity in general. The overall responsibility of dentists is to check and cause and ensure the health and hygiene of the mouth and teeth within by providing appropriate and suitable diagnosis (depending on the condition or state of the disease) and preventing them from recurring again which can be very frustrating and discomforting (even excruciating in some instances). Medicine Hat has several dental experts and should impart as much information to their patients as possible, depending on their specific problems and conditions.

The importance and vital role of a dentist in a person's life cannot be underestimated as our teeth and mouth form the basis of our nutrition and an aid to communication on a daily basis. Hence, it is of high importance that they are kept in a healthy state at all times without any neglect on our part by ensuring that we promptly go for routine dental check up and in case of diseases or any specific conditions, promptly consult a dentist and follow their advise religiously.

Dental procedures have been in practice since ancient times (as early as the civilization began in this world) given the vital functions of the mouth and teeth. Since those ancient times, the dentistry related procedures and processes have developed and perfected come a long way, after being exposed to numerous cultures and varying treatments adopted in different parts of the world.

The development in the dentistry has not been limited to the evolving of old practices in ancient times, but based on research and development due to technology and a much learned and sophisticated society in general, there have been new dental methods and procedures which have been introduced to combat tooth decay and diseases and to alleviate the sufferer from pain and discomfort. The options are multifarious for patients, depending on the type of treatment they are looking for.